List of Poultry Farms in Pretoria

Pretoria in Gauteng is home to tens of poultry farmers and poultry companies. We have compiled a comprehensive contacts details of all the poultry farmers based here along with the various poultry-related industry that support the local farmers here.

In a way, poultry production in Pretoria is somehow self contained. There are numerous poultry hatcheries, breeders, day old chick suppliers, egg producers and suppliers, poultry equipment manufacturers, poultry feed suppliers and even wholesale and retail poultry buyers who buy from local farmers here and distribute in Gauteng and other parts of South Africa.

Whether you are looking for broilers, layers, point of lay chickens, free range chickens or commercial egg layers, you can find a farmer from our comprehensive list of poultry farmers in Pretoria and Gauteng who will be able to meet your needs.

Finding information on poultry farmers and poultry companies is not easy but we have done our best to mine as much information possible to give you the contact details and location information of poultry farms and poultry companies in Pretoria that will be enough for you to get in touch and conduct business with many of the leading poultry businesses in Pretoria.

Most of the poultry farmers in Pretoria whose contacts we have listed here are registered and are members of the South African Poultry Association so you can be sure you are getting credible and trustworthy references in the poultry industry if you acquire our list.

Our contact details for the leading poultry farms and poultry businesses in Pretoria would be useful for anyone who is:-

  • Looking for buyers for their poultry products in Pretoria.
  • Looking for producers and suppliers of various poultry products and poultry equipment in Pretoria.
  • Researchers planning to carry out research on the poultry industry in Pretoria
  • Policy makers in the poultry industry in the province of Gauteng and South Africa at large
  • Associations recruiting members in the poultry industry in Gauteng
  • Anyone looking for contacts in the poultry industry in Pretoria and Gauteng.

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Contact Details of Poultry Farms in Gauteng

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  1. Im interested on buying 18 boxes of dirty eggs. Please respond with your price and location

  2. I am looking for slaughtered chickens to braai or grill and sell.
    Can i get a reliable seller around Pretoria North, Brits or Pretoria

  3. HI I am looking to buy clean dry broiler manure to be included as part of my feed ration. Bagged product would be preferred, I can also collect,, close to Cullinan area. 0844750924

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