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Poultry Sourcing: Buy Point of Lay Chickens in South Africa

Looking for point of lay chickens in your location in South Africa? Our team helps you source the best point of lay chickens from suppliers close to you for a small fee. Don’t waste your time searching. Email us and let us link to a reliable supplier that will meet your supply needs.

We also provide sourcing for meat chickens in South Africa.

Once you pay a small fee of $30, we will send you list of the most trusted poultry farms close to you that supply point of lay chickens, meat chickens and day old chicks depending on your preferences.

We charge a standard fee of $30 irrespective of the size of order although for very small orders, we can renegotiate the pricing.

By charging you a service fee, we are guaranteed of your commitment and can proceed to talking with suitable suppliers before sending you a list of those that are ready to meet your product demand.

Once you pay service fee of $30, we help coordinate with suppliers and arrange for them to contact you so you can both proceed with the transaction and order fulfillment.

Some suppliers may have minimum order requirements.


For chicken sourcing services, you can make a payment of $30 to the PayPal account

We offer point of lay chicken sourcing services in all South African provinces. Get in touch today for the following:-

  • Point of lay chickens in Mpumalanga
  • Point of Lay Chickens in Gauteng
  • Point of Lay Chickens in Western Cape
  • Point of Lay Chickens in Limpopo
  • Point of Lay Chickens in Kwazulu Natal
  • Point of Lay Chickens in Eastern Cape
  • Point of Lay Chickens in Northern Cape
  • Point of Lay Chickens in North West
  • Point of Lay Chickens in Free State