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We are championing a sustainable alternative to poultry production in South Africa through advocacy, commercial linkages as well as practical information to South African poultry farmers. We say no to factory farming!

While we support organic chicken farming, our main focus is in free range chicken farming as it is more practical with lower barrier to entry, encouraging a rapid adoption of sustainable poultry rearing techniques without the complexities of organic certification procedures.

We share best practices when it comes to free range chicken farming and production. Farmers will learn useful tips on how to manage a free range and semi-free range system of production, feeding techniques, feed formulation techniques, disease management, biosecurity for your free range chicken, free range chicken marketing and much more. We hope to be your ultimate business companion if you have set your sights on an investment on free range chicken production system.

TIP:  Learn more about ethical free range chicken farming through our free range chicken farming manual that contains all the information that you need to run your dream organic/free range farm!

13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Where would I be able to obtain list of free range or organic poultry farmers who farm by the principles of no GMO, antibiotics etc?
    I live in Port Elizabeth

  2. Hi there
    I am a director of cooperative in mthatha Eastern cape. I just come across your website at a right time suppose, as I was browsing for point of lay chickens suppliers to be precise the kind of lohmann browns
    for small scale free range chicken farming. we have enough space for about 150 to 200 new layers, our core business is to start chick hatchery using automatic incubators. So would you be able to provide us with the stock or send us some references

  3. I am interested in buying chickens that lays eggs I am based in Limpopo where can I get the chickens around Limpopo

  4. The photo of the Black Australorp chickens was taken of the HOENDER.co.za site. I think you should give credit.

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