South Africa Chicken Houses for Sale

A good chicken house is an important part of the chicken biosecurity. Whether you are planning to venture into commercial battery cage farming or free range farming, there are a variety of chicken house models that you can choose for your enterprise. Some farmers simply improvise and make their own chicken house once they have the housing models ready. If you cannot, you can simply contact a company that makes or sells chicken houses in South Africa. Some of the main players in the market when it comes to chicken house design and construction include the following:

Chicken Houses For Sale In South Africa

Chicken Shack

The guys at chicken shack will come to your premises and take 3 to 4 days assembling the chicken house. Once you place an order, you can wait for up to three weeks before they arrive at the premises. They use steel structures and these will be welded and clad. They install both the equipment and the curtains for the poultry house. The poultry houses provided by chicken shack are pre-manufactured in Pretoria and some parts of the houses will be painted with the company’s Yellow Door House colors. For more information, check out .

Dynamic Automation

The company specializes in the commercial poultry housing structures. Unlike other poultry equipment suppliers in South Africa, the company manufactures its own equipment in South Africa. You can go to Dynamic Automation for a wide array of poultry products such as drinking systems, heating, and ventilation, poultry cages, steel structures, batter cages for layers, breeders and rearing of poultry. For more information, check out

Nkoko Chicken Houses

By Kiki Agri. The company offers unique chicken houses suitable for small-scale poultry farming ventures.  Farmers can choose from three varieties of the Nkoko Chicken Houses such as the Nkoko 20, Nkoko 50 and Nkoko 100 based on the number of chickens that you are planning to rear.  They are suited for broiler farming. Check out the website at


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